2020... Vision

It has been a year of evolution and adaptation for many us across the globe. At HOKU that meant taking some time to have some fun, expand our horizons, reflect on our mission and refine our customer experience.

In August we launched our new branding which included a fresh logo that is warmer while still staying true to our minimalist beliefs.

In October we added the all new client galleries and integrated our print services for easy access to print products. We took the print store to the next level by making it incredibly easy to customize you photo prints. To date we have over 5500 prints order. We are grateful for your support. In an era of digital overload, having a physical print allows you to truly cherish that special moment. It's incredibly flattering to have our work in your homes and businesses. Thank you.

In November we added our first limited collection for print and download. The 2015 Grey Cup Championship, through the eyes of the cheerleaders. The collection was intended to appeal to a narrow audience so we were incredibly happy to discover the collection had a global appeal, with prints being order in 11 different countries.

Our next chapter in 2020 is a new website that integrates our new services directly into the main site, showcases even more of our work and makes is even easier to find our digital galleries.

Welcome to the new HOKU.CA