Cheerful Beginnings

In 2008 our founder, Justin McMurdo, set out to breathe new life into the sports photography genre. Revered for his inventive work with CFL’s EE Football, Cheer Team. Intent on creating works of art with a unique and personal connection. His work captured and celebrated the talents of the the athletes while humanizing them in way that few others can achieve.

A Modern Celebration Of Life

HOKU Photography, has continued down the path of creating unique and personal photographs, that genuinely express a person’s character and businesses’s culture. Our years of expertise combined with our studio and prints services, makes us an easy choice for those searching for art the communicates with intention.

From live sports and events, to corporate marketing campaigns, we are ready and eager to start a new adventure with you.

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“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”